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Where are we Going?

I was on the train this week and a small boy turned to his mum and asked ‘where are we going?’ She quickly responded ‘you ask too many questions’…Then after a pause she said ‘we are off to see nanny’ and moments later they left the train to continue their journey. ‘Where are we going?’ is a question that we should ask ourselves from time to time. What direction is our life taking? What are our priorities in life? Are we living them out? Is the path we are going down the one we want to be on? Do we feel in control of where we are going? Or like the boy on the train we feel powerless about where we are heading? Where are we going?

The boys question is also important because it tells us something about how we journey: where are we going? Not where am I going. We do not journey alone (though at times it may feel like it), we travel through life with other people: family, friends, work colleagues and God. Where are we going? Not just a question for a small boy on a train, but one we should ask ourselves from time to time. Where are we going?